Monday, 2 January 2017


  *GIF IMAGE(Graphics Interchange Format)*💀☠💀☠💀☠

This is a request to ALL my Friends on WhatsApp.
      Please STOP sending GIF greetings or messages as they damage the battery apart from eating into the GBs/MBs.
     As you all know batteries once gone cannot be replaced these days unless you buy duplicate/spurious stuff.
        If you receive GIF forwards please DELETE immediately not only from the CHAT but also from the GALLERY.
          *GIF files keep running continuously in the Gallery even if you Delete from the Chat.* In fact they start running from the time they enter your mobile until such time you delete it. 💀☠
          Please Delete when you receive and please don't forward to others too. 👎👎
Thank you.  Cheers...

Kindly Save this message & fwd to your Relatives & Friends who are not Aware of "GIF" messages. Thanks again.

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